Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

phone: 706-632-2039

Clerk: Dana Chastain
Deputy: Allison Payne

The Office of the Clerk of Superior Court consists of three divisions: the Judicial Division, the Real Estate Division and the Administrative Division.

Judicial Division

The judicial division is responsible for receiving, filing, processing, storing, and retrieving civil and criminal court records for the superior court. This division provides support for all the superior court judges through management of case files and, when necessary, the attendance of court. You may obtain copies of and/or files of the following documents: Civil Case Files, Criminal Indictments, Subpoenas and Juvenile Court (by court order only).

Real Estate Division

The real estate division is responsible for receiving, recording, processing, indexing and reproducing all documents related to real estate. The Uniform Commercial Code section requires recording, processing and indexing records serving public notice that personal properties located within the county have outstanding liens against them. You may obtain copies of and /or files of the following documents: Real Estate Deeds, Plats, Charters, Limited Partnerships, Easements, Liens, Notice of Suits, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, etc.

Business/Administrative Division

The business/administrative division provides many auxiliary services. A citizen can appeal a decision from a Superior Court hearing in a civil or criminal matter, file for an adoption, obtain a Fi. Fa, a hospital lien or foreign judgement, register the trade name of a business, retain information of general partnerships, apply for a notary public commission or apply for a passport. This division is also responsible for payment of funds into the registry of the court as directed by the court, and all aspects of jury service. You may obtain copies of and/or files of the following documents: Appeals, Adoptions, General Executions, Trade Names, Notary Public Commissions, Jury Management and Passports.