Litter along county roads has reached an epidemic stage. Keeping our roads free from litter is a very time-consuming and expensive operation for the county. This program has gained attention and it is becoming a major part of the Keep Our Mountains Beautiful volunteer network. Fannin County appreciates each volunteer and their efforts to keep our county roads free of litter.

Fannin County Adopt A Road Program
400 West Main Street, Suite 101
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

phone: 706-258-5170

Please email applications to Marie Woody

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Group or Organization Adopt-A-Road?2022-02-17T16:04:28-05:00

Any interested group should contact the Fannin County Land Development office by calling 706-258-5170. Or you may inquire in suite 101 of the Fannin County Courthouse.

What is the Objective of “Adopt-A-Road”?2022-02-17T16:04:57-05:00

The objective of the program is to create public awareness of the litter problem along the county’s roads by making the adopted section of the road an example of community involvement that improves the beauty of the area through volunteer efforts.

Are There Safety Precautions for Volunteers?2022-02-17T16:05:35-05:00

All organizations will conduct safety meetings with volunteers to discuss the dangers of working along the side of the roadway. Also review a partial list of safety precautions in the application.

What Are the Responsibilities of the Public Works Department?2022-02-17T16:06:57-05:00

Public Works will provide:

• Two signs indicating the section of road under adoption with a generic sign stating “Adopt-A-Mile” and a sign with the name of the volunteer or organization.
• Public Works will pick up the garbage with a 48 hour notice 706-632-5481.

What Are The Responsibilities Of An Adopting Group, Individual or Business?2017-05-01T10:39:06-04:00

Through such adoption, an organization, group, or individuals would have responsibility of controlling the litter problem within their section of county road. In addition, the organization will:

  • Develop a functional plan that will influence and encourage the public to improve the appearance of their adopted road;
  • Plan a general clean-up at least four times a year;
  • Coordinate with the county’s personnel to carry out the plan.
Who Can Adopt?2017-05-01T10:38:27-04:00

Any civic-minded organization, such as civic clubs, youth organizations, school groups, businesses, or individuals, etc., can adopt a stretch of county road (one-mile minimum) in their community living in or located in Fannin County.

400 West Main Street
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

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